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Mother, Baker, Cake Creator!

Happy Independence Day!

Cut cake

July 4th is all about American pride.  We dress in the colors of the flag and gather together to celebrate our independence.  We may not always remember the meaning of the day, but we always remember the colors.  And the BBQ’s.  So here’s a little 4th of July cake for you to indulge in!

First I baked up 2 sheet cakes.  A red and a blue.  Then I cut out 3- 6″ circles from each.


I used vanilla buttercream for the “white” of my red, white and blue cake.

Even the crumb coat looks pretty festive!


Then I frosted it with more vanilla buttercream and used a narrow tipped spatula to add textured ridges. I’ve been dying to try this technique out!


VERY happy with the finished product!  More like THRILLED!


I made some red carnations out of gum paste to finish it off.  I tried to make some large blue carnations as well, but the petals dried out way too fast and as soon as I tried to fold it, it cracked into a billion pieces.  So I just used one petal as my base.


I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed decorating!!!


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