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Cupcakes For A Cause!!!

A while back I was asked if I would be interested in donating some cupcakes to a Stand For The Cause event where all procedes would go to Avon Walk For Breast Cancer.  I jumped at the opportunity to help out!

I decided on a variety of chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet.


I never thought to ask for donantes myself.  My husband mentioned it to me when I was looking to buy a ribbon cookie cutter to make the cupcake toppers.  So I bit the bullet and sent a message to  They immediately sent one out to me!  It was in my mailbox in just 2 days!

So I thought I was all set.  Until it dawned on me that I had nothing to put these cupcakes on.  So I contacted CupCakeTree.  And wouldn’t you know it… in 2 days I had a beautiful cupcake stand for the event!

The baking part was actually the hardest for some reason.  I’ve baked thousands and thousands of cupcakes before.  The cupcake God’s were just against me.

I started with the chocolate cupcakes.  Those gave me little no problems.  A few of them flattened out and stuck to the pan, but I expect that with this recipe.  It’s just so delicious, I deal with it.

Next, I made a batch of red velvet.  They baked up beautifully and looked great…. but they tasted a little off.  Not bad in any way, just off.  I wasn’t happy with them.  So they all went in the trash.

So I decided to bake a double batch of vanilla to take a break from the red velvet.  I guess I got over zealous because I over-filled the cups and had a massive overflow!!!!  So these all went in the trash.

Hours later…. I only had about 28 cupcakes to show for all my hard work.  So I took a short break… had a large drink, and just kept on going.

The next batch of vanilla came out perfect.  As did the red velvet.  Finally finished baking at about midnight.  Grateful that they all came out perfectly!

So… that’s my story.  And here are the finished cupcakes!  I’m honored to have been involved with such an amazing cause!


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