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Fruit Flies… And The Importance Of A Backup Kitchen!!!!

This week has been insane!  We went away for a few days with my in-laws, which was great!  A much needed break, though not quite long enough because I had to get back to start working on my daughters 2nd birthday cake., which was supposed to be a 3 tiered Toy Story themed cake with the bottom tier being fake, as we are only 14 people.  We came home Wednesday and my plan was to do all the baking that night.  No sweat.  

We left nice and early Wednesday morning and only hit some minor traffic.  I never imagined what would be waiting for us back home.  Had I known… i’m not sure I would have bothered coming home at all.  

It was my own fault, I guess.  I left 2 bananas out on the counter on accident.  And I also left out some open sourdough that I totally forgot about.  BAD combination!!!!  Apparently fruit flies are drawn to sourdough more than any fruit on the planet!  They breed in it!  

We came home to a cloud of fruit flies.  Thousands of them!!!!  We spent what was left of Wednesday vacuuming the air and setting up traps.  And there are still a handful flying around.  Disgusting!  I can’t believe that happened.  I’m usually so careful with leaving food out.  I actually planned on bringing the bananas with us for the car ride.  Oops!  Poor bananas.  

So I gathered up everything I needed to make the salted caramel and headed across the hall to my moms.  I made 2 batches on the caramel and came home to vacuum the air some more.  If you want a good laugh… picture someone vacuuming air.  Anyone at all.  The thought of it alone is enough to bring me to a laughing fit!  

Now, i generally do all my baking at my moms because my oven is terrible.  It doesn’t hold the right temperature and nothing bakes right.  But I usually do all the prep work here.  So I spent a great deal of time bringing over ALL my ingredients!  And believe me… that’s a lot!  Plus all the pans and parchment paper and pan spray…. the list goes on and on and on……

Anyway… Last night I made 2 batches of salted caramel and today I baked up 3 chocolate sheet cakes, a large batch of Swiss meringue, and a batch of American buttercream using the High Ratio shortening that i’ve been dying to try!!!!  (More about that Sunday)  I’m exhausted!  So my design for my daughters cake is totally different now.  I also baked up 24 vanilla cupcakes that I intended to fill with a chocolate chip cookie dough frosting and top with a brown sugar buttercream, but right now they are destined to be vanilla cupcakes with leftover vanilla frosting!  Not enough hours in the day!

I will post all about the cake on Sunday when I have some photos to share.  Just remember, if you’re leaving the house for more than a day… throw away ALL fruit!!!!!  (and sourdough starter!)


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