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High Ratio Frosting… my thoughts.

In short… LOVE!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Toy Story

Top tier: Chocolate cake with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.
Bottom tier: Chocolate cake slathered in salted caramel with a salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream and another generous drizzle of salted caramel.

(My favorite part of this photo is the tiny finger print right in the center!  My daughter’s fingerprint was off to the side, but this is her little friends.  Too cute!)

When making buttercream in general for the first time I had to get past the fact that I was eating shortening in the first place.  Because, lets face it, when you don’t know what’s in it… it’s just easier to eat.  It tastes delicious, looks delicious, and every bakery uses some form of it.

I’ve been baking almost all my life.  I started baking with my aunt when I was just barely out of diapers.  We really just baked cookies thought.  Everything was made with butter.

When I started baking cakes it was like a whole new world to me.  I looked for the best recipes out there.  I taste tested and tweaked until I found “MY” recipe.  And the first time I made American buttercream and read that you need to use shortening WITH the butter in order to get a nice crust on a cake, I was honestly horrified!  I’ve never used shortening in all my life.  Not even in cooking.  But in the name of baking, I set out to the store for some Crisco.

Here we are, years later, and i’m finally finding out about this High Ratio magic in a can stuff.  Well, plastic tub is more like it, but you get the picture.

I’ve done my research and decided it was finally time to give it a try.  I had been avoiding the extra cost for a long while due to the expense and high shipping cost.  I don’t produce enough cakes to really justify the added expense.  I really just bake as a hobby for friends and family.  But recently that has turned into friends of friends or family.  And most importantly… I have a wedding cake order coming up!!!!  All buttercream.  I want PERFECTION!  So I bit the bullet and ordered 2 tubs of this magic stuff to give it a try.

This buttercream was super light and fluffy.  It smoothed on perfectly.  It wasn’t too sweet at all.  The only issue I had was my own fault… I didn’t make enough and I didn’t have time to make more.  If you look really close at the photo you’ll see tiny pieces of chocolate cake in some spots from the crumb coat.  Luckily it really wasn’t very noticeable.

The Happy Birthday, 2, and Etch-A-Sketch were all hand made by my husband out of fondant.  As I mentioned, we were really short on time, so they didn’t have much time to dry.  I ended up having to back them with some foam board.  The Buzz and Woody cut-outs were hand cut out of card stock from my super amazingly talented sister-in-law.  We saved them to frame!  LOVE how they looked!


So, in short… if you want a really smooth, beautiful cake… give high ratio shortening a try!!!!!!!!



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